Scate Technologies Services

Available services

Graphics Design

Whether you need a simple logo or a complex user interface, understanding your business is a key part of Scate’s graphic design process. Scate's process allows our experienced graphics designers to tailor a design to meet your unique business need.

Cloud Computing

Scate provides managed cloud computing infrastructures that enable organizations to quickly respond, scale and adapt to rapid resource changes. Scate's cloud services are cost-effective and fully managed with OS, web application and database level support.

Web Developmemt

Scate’s application developers are high skilled at creating web applications and web sites that not only meet your business requirement but also communicate your message through the power of web technology and search engine optimization.

Search Optimization

Scate will help you optimize your websites and establish a social media and organic growth strategy that will place you or your company in front of the right audience.

App Development

Scate develops custom software applications for Windows, Unix / Linux and Mobile operating systems. Scate’s application developers are highly skilled at transforming your businesses critical needs into easy to use high-performance software applications.

Logic and programming

Here at Scate we understand the importance in knowing and understanding multiple different programming languages in order to help you in the best way possible. We provide an expertise in C, C++, C# , Visual Basic, Java, Adobe Air, Python, Cocoa, Classic, Carbon, BSD and more.

GUI / UX Design

Coding & Database

Cloud Computing