Scate Technologies Patents


Course Development Program

The present invention is directed to a method of operating a knowledge capture program. The knowledge capture program has the steps of starting the knowledge capture program wherein a user can access content that is either existing content or creating new content.

Human Vision Analysis System

A method for calculating vision obstruction, comprising the steps of: providing a data file having a virtual environment; providing at least one viewing area in said virtual environment to be used with an interface; projecting at least one rendered image onto said at least one viewing area.

Image Compression System

Video/image analysis and compression systems are described, that can be used with images, video, and/or sound files. A master image can be created from a series of images. The difference between the next image and the master image is placed in a key frame.

Interactive Training, Certification and Development System

Training, certification, courseware development systems that allow an individual to learn and/or become certified by using a simulation of the actual software application. It provides the student or trainee with an interactive experience that enhances the educational experience.